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Creating product ideas and concepts

After the phase of problem analysis, the conceptual design phase begins. Conceptual designing means the creative act of thinking up product ideas and concepts. Once a design problem, requirements and a product vision have been formulated, product ideas and concepts have to be generated. An idea is a first thought that comes to mind, usually in the form of a simple drawing, without dimensions, proportions, shape and materials. Concepts are more developed, have materials, dimensions, shape, details and technical solution principles.

Conceptual design is a process of creative thinking, of developing initial ideas into concepts and offering realistic solutions to the design problem. It is a divergent and convergent process in which ideas are generated, tested and evaluated and developed into concepts. Ideas are generated by means of creativity techniques, such as brainstorming or Synectics. In your evaluation of ideas, you bear in mind the design goal and the design specification. Visualising is an important aspect in the creative phase of designing: often you explore early ideas by means of sketches. Three-dimensional models such as sketch models, mock-ups and prototypes are also used. Such representations of ideas can be used for simulation and for testing the ideas and concepts (see also Product simulation and testing). {{#css:/skins/DDG/DDG2.css}} __NOTITLE__


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