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Evaluation of product features

The analysis of the design problem, the formulation of a design goal and the development of product ideas and concepts are actions aimed at providing a solution to the design problem. To verify, or test, whether the solution is the correct one, an evaluation of product features is important. Generally, testing the result provides confirmation whether the proposed solution is the right one. Within the design process there are different forms of testing a product idea. During the design process, ideas need to be tested to find out whether they work. The technical functionality of a product needs to be verified. Investigations have to be made to determine which of the proposed solutions the user group prefers. Also, there is a need to verify whether the proposed solution is usable, and whether the user groups understand how to use the product.

In this section we differentiate between three general types of testing: product simulations and testing, product concept evaluations, and product usability evaluations.

Product simulations and testing take place during the design process, and are directed at gaining an understanding whether the product functions the way it is intended to do. These types of tests are simulations on paper or on a computer, or even tests with different forms of prototypes. Through product simulations and testing, designers try out their ideas to see whether they work as intended.

Product concept evaluations are used throughout the design process to gain understanding of the user group’s responses to ideas and concepts developed in the design process. These types of tests investigate what ideas and concepts are preferred by the user group. Product concept evaluations are used to optimise product concepts on the basis of the user group’s responses, or to make go/no-go decisions in the design process.

Product usability evaluations take place near the end of the design process, and are aimed at understanding whether the user group is able to use the designed product concept. These types of tests are more intensive, directed at verifying and optimising the usability of the product. {{#css:/skins/DDG/DDG2.css}} __NOTITLE__

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