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EditorsAnnemiek van Boeijen
Jaap Daalhuizen
First compilationWouter van der Hoog
CartoonsFloris Wiegerinck
‘How to images’Anneleen Vanhoudt
Claudia Runge
Video clipsAlexander Ettema
Frank Schoenmaker
Lay-outCorrie van der Lelie
Adaptation to WikIDAlex Olieman
Kay van Baarle

© 2010 Faculteit Industrieel Ontwerpen
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-5155-066-5


This Delft Design Guide is the result of many years of experience from design students, professionals, researchers, and tutors from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Without their input via lectures, papers, books and interviews this compilation of design approaches and methods could not have been made. We would like to thank Norbert Roozenburg and Johannes Eekels (†), authors of the book we frequently refer to; ‘Product Design: Fundamentals and methods’. We also would like to thank other authors of books from our faculty; Wim Muller, Jan Buijs & Rianne Valkenburg, and Paul Hekkert & Matthijs van Dijk & Peter Lloyd and Marc Tassoul. We thank Stefan van de Geer, Pieter Jan Stappers, Froukje Sleeswijk Visser, Koos Eisen, Corné Quartel, Conny Bakker, Kristina Lauche, Renee Wever, Ger Bruens and Rick Schifferstein for sharing their knowledge from lecturing and research. Special thanks to our design students who use the design approaches and methods in their learning process and provide us examples. For the video clips of professional designers in our Internet version of the Delft Design Guide we would like to thank Bruno Ninaber van Eyben (Studio Ninaber), Jeroen van Erp and Rene Bubberman (Fabrique), Oscar Toetenel (MMID), Abke Geels and Mark Assies (Flex/ the Innovationlab), and Sanne Kistemaker (Muzus). Finally we would like to thank all the people that in some-way contribute to product design approaches and methods.

Delft, September 2010

Two digital versions of the Delft Design Guide are available on the Web:



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