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Abduzeedo is a blog about design, a collection of visual inspiration and useful tutorials. One of the goals of Abduzeedo is to be an open channel to the design community, encouraging feedback. It is founded in December 2006 by Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso.

Anti Copying in Design (ACID)

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)

British Design Innovation (BDI)

Cambridge Materials Selector

The Cool Hunter celebrates creativity. Since its inception in 2004 The Cool Hunter has become a hub for what's cool, thoughtful, innovative and original. They value global relevance, not trends.

Cool Hunting is a daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture and technology, and features weekly videos that get an inside look at the people who create them. All of the content is editorially based. Published since February 2003. is around since 1995 and has served a global audience of industrial designers ranging from students through seasoned professionals. Core77 publishes articles, discussion forums, an event calendar, hosts portfolios, job listings, a database of design firms, schools, vendors and services.

Danish Design Centre

Design Austria


Design Council

Design Dictionary

Designers' Daily published by Designers HQ, a blog with resources for Web Designers, Developers and SEO Specialists.

Design Forum Finland

Design inSite, the Designer's guide to manufacturing.

Designophy - Design Knowledge Intermediary

D-Lab is a program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that fosters the development of appropriate technologies and sustainable solutions within the framework of international development.

Design Research Society

Design Research Portal with industrial design - product design online resources (the best, according to User:Maduca).

Design and Science

Design Society

Designspiration provides a diverse selection of high quality, user-submitted images as a means of sharing inspiration.

Design United is a platform for Dutch Research in Design, which is an initiative by the 3 Dutch Universities of Technology. This initiative aims to combine the academic power of the field of Industrial Design and strengthen the innovative force of the Dutch industry. Design United addresses interaction between research and industry.

Design Vitality with 40 web based tools to help you design from anywhere


Dexigner delivering design related news, events, competitions, and resources. Dexigner is an online portal for designers. (US based)

Dezeen brings you a carefully edited selection of the best architecture, design and interiors projects from around the world before anyone else. Launched in 2006.

Dutch Design Schools: An overview of Dutch Design Schools at the site of Sharedutchdesign.

Freestatistics offers links to free statistic data per country.

70 Funny and Creative inventions by Kyle A Hill, April 10, 2011.

Gizmag covers invention, innovation and emerging technologies in all fields of human endeavor – everything from computing, communication and automation, through social innovation, new ideas, inventions, and services to enhance life, work and play for people of all ages.

Globalspec to find components, parts or services. With more than 29,000 digitized catalogs, GlobalSpec offers an extensive database and smart search capabilities.

Hands of my Design e-Learning about European Union Design Protection

How stuff works

IDE alumni The Alumni Association of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. In September 2009, the 4000th student received his masters degree at this faculty.

The Institution of Engineering Designers (UK)

International Journal of Design (online)

Intro-IO blog (in Dutch) A blog for first year students at Industrial Design Engineeing, Delft. To inspire, give background information and design theories.

Intute helping you find the best websites for study and research - Zoomed in on: Engineering Design.

Inventables, the material and technology marketplace

Inventnet - The Inventors Network

IPOwiki about sustainable product development (in Dutch)

JND website of Donald Norman.

Khan Academy, offers a library of over 2,700 videos (November 2011) covering topics from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 240 practice exercises. For free.

Matweb, online materials information.

Mindmaps available at Mindmeister

MIT's D-Lab is a program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that fosters the development of appropriate technologies and sustainable solutions within the framework of international development. D-Lab’s mission is to improve the quality of life of low-income households through the creation and implementation of low cost technologies. D-Lab’s portfolio of technologies also serves as an educational vehicle that allows students to gain an optimistic and practical understanding of their roles in alleviating poverty.

More Inspiration lets you discover innovative products and technologies from all possible domains.

National Academy Press (NAP) offers free of charge (since June 2nd, 2011) PDFs of reports and PDFs associated with future reports* to all Web visitors.
Here is the link to their Construction: Design, Research, Planning topic.
Other available topics are: Behavioral and Social Sciences; Biography and Autobiography; Biology and Life Sciences; Computers and Information Technology; Conflict and Security Issues; Earth Sciences; Education; Energy and Energy Conservation; Engineering and Technology; Environment and Environmental Studies; Food & Nutrition; Health and Medicine; Industry and Labor; Math, Chemistry and Physics; Policy for Science and Technology; Space and Aeronautics; and Transportation and Infrastructure.

NNgroup is the website of Jakob Nielsen and Donald Norman and gives strategies to enhance the user experience.

Norwegian Design Council

Oobject is a design blog all about technology, including hundreds of lists of unusual or interesting gadgets which are ranked by user votes, much like music charts.

Open Design Foundation to promote an alternative method for designing and developing technology, based on the free exchange of comprehensive design information. See also the Wikipedia article about Open design.

Passion for Innovation (published at

Redesignme is a Dutch website for consumers and professionals to improve products.

Springwise scans the globe for promising, unique and innovative business ventures, ideas and concepts that are ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation. You may subscribe for a newsletter for free.

Sustainable - Social Design Brazilian Portal - A Spanish - Portuguese design blog (Some posts in English) made by Marcio Dupont, a brazilian - mexican industrial designer. Including many English links to design sites which he considers to be the best.

Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID)

Technotheek for design alternatives in materials and techniques (ONLY IN DUTCH)

Ted Talks Ideas worth spreading. TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. gives methods for developing uSable and useful websites.

Usabilityprofessionals promote concepts and techniques worldwide for usable products.

Useit is the website of Jakob Nielsen.

Uselog is the product usability weblog of Jasper van Kuijk. is an interior design store representing both established brands as well as new products from self-producing designers.

Design tools that are not described in WikID yet

RULA - Rapid Upper Limb Assessment from Osmond Ergonomic Workplace solutions

Humanics Ergonomics resources can be searched for more interesting design tools in the ergonomics field.

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