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New technologies provide designers with opportunities to design products that are smart, connected to each other, able to communicate, to collect and convert knowledge by itself and to adapt to all kind of situations and users. These new technologies are those that are involved in what we call ubiquitous computing, which is an advanced computing concept where computer power is embedded in multiple connected devices and as such appear everywhere and anywhere (ubiquitous presence), in contrast to desktop computing, where computer power is located in a single recognizable device. Ubiquitous technologies, such as sensors, actuators, transmitters and knowledge exploration and networking technologies, obviously provide many product innovation opportunities for industrial design engineers.

The downside can be that users more often will enter cyber-physical systems that try to gather (personal) information without their approval or even while they are unaware of it. This observation and three additional inspiration sources (Golden Compass, Parrot, and Gyro Gearloose's Little Helper) have inspired us to our Personal Satellite Project: The creation of a small robot that stays with you and has two main purposes:
1) Personal reflection, emotional mirror;
2) Intermediate between CPSs and the user.

Currently Delft Design students are working on partial functions of the personal satellite. The results are expected in April/May 2014 and will be shown here.

Bram de Smit and Regine Vroom

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