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This page contains links to tutorials and other helpful information on using Rhino for geometry modeling.

Student work TUDelft

Tutorials made by TU-Delft Industrial Design students for the master elective course Modeling and Prototyping Free Form Product Shapes (ID5451). The tutorials are grouped by the year they were created

Students who want to create their own tutorial can find a short explanation how it works here: Create_your_wiki_tutorial


Creating a logo on a freeform surface in Rhino


2013/2014 Quarter 1

2013/2014 Quarter 3

2014/2015 Quarter 1

2014/2015 Quarter 3

External links

In this short list some external links are given that offer information on Rhino modelling. If you don't want to leave the Wikid pages it is best to press <ctrl>and click on it. The link will open in a new tab

Website Rhino

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