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Strategic product design is aimed at helping companies to initiate, create and introduce strategically sound, sustainable and commercially successful products and services for clients and customers who live and act in an internationally competitive environment.

In order to do so, strategic designers link branding, corporate strategy, new product development, product launch and product use into one frame of reference. The goal of strategic design is to bridge the gap between the company, products and services, users and society. Strategic designers look at business challenges from a design perspective.

The process of managing strategic aspects in the design process is also referred to as strategic design management. By doing this, a company can make optimal use of the value of design and the potential for innovation.

Strategic product design in the design process

In the Delft Innovation Model (Figure 1) strategic design is mainly present during three phases:

  • Strategy formulation (Fuzzy Front End) (blue in Figure 1)
  • Market introduction (Muddy Back End) (orange in Figure 1)
  • Product use (green in Figure 1)

Delft Innovation Model <span class=

Figure 1. The Delft Innovation Model [1]

Strategy formulation

Typical strategic design activities during the strategy formulation are:

Market introduction

Strategic design activities preceding and during the market introduction are:

Product use

Strategic design activities during the product use are:


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