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WikID is an industrial design reference wiki, originally started at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (Delft) at the Delft University of Technology.

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Main article: WikID:History

The original intention of Regine Vroom and Adrie Kooijman was creating an industrial design engineering toolbox, capable of helping a design engineer through the process of developing a product. This toolbox under development was given the name Conceptual Design Engineering Toolbox: C-DET (to be pronouncd as see that). C-DET has been elaborated from C-DET through C-DET-wiki into WikID online.

First stage: C-DET

The first working prototype of C-DET was created at the end of 2002 by Guido Braak and Ronald Knijnenburg. After this, a number of people worked on the development of C-DET. Studies were done, several prototypes were built and publications were written.

Second stage: C-DETwiki

The first idea for a design reference wiki arose in the fall of 2006, when Jaap Frolich and Maarten Zinkstok did research on the implementation of a design reference wiki as part of C-DET. Their work was continued in the fall of 2007 by Robert Dos Santos Gomes and Erik Geerts, who did research on implementing a bilingual version of C-DET with automated linking of pages between the Dutch and English articles.

Third stage: WikID

In the winter of 2007/2008, Alex Olieman, Joris van 't Ende and Raymond Jelierse picked up the project and their result was the first WikID which have been launched in May 2008. They are still related to WikID, and are members of the WikID staff. Their work has been published at the EAD 2009 (Aberdeen, Scotland) and the ECEIS 2009 (Milano, Italy) and will be published at the TMCE 2010 (Ancona, Italy).

In May 2008 a group of WikID-pioneers was formed, consisting of people related to the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft (NL). They currently are the basic user group of WikID and will help create a foundation on which WikID can be launched.

From February 2009 to May 2009 Lysanne Vossen, Anoek Geers, Bart Bleijerveld and Joost Schulze started a study to the communication capabilities of WikID, both visually (Joost & Bart) and considering the contents. (Lysanne & Anoek). This resulted in a new look (Joost&Bart-skin) which is now default and it will result in a new setup of the main page, amongst others. This work has been published at the ICKM2009 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (a WASET conference).

Parallel, Alex Olieman has been working on a study to the scope of WikID and to the development of practical guidelines for applying "design relevance" in WikID articles. This has resulted in a number of forms, available in WikID by now. This work has been published at the TMCE 2010 (Ancona, Italy).

Fourth stage: Content development for WikID

  • February 2010 - May 2010: Students have been writing articles on [[Category::Design tools]]
  • December 2010: WikID is getting updated by Alex Olieman and the Bachelor Design Guide is being replaced by the new Delft Design Guide.
  • February 2011 - May 2011: Students have been writing articles on Ubiquitous technologies and Abstract prototypes.
  • April 2011: The Bachelor Design Guide has been updated with the new [[Category::Delft Design Guide]].
  • December 2011: Spontaneous contributions to WikID have been started. Thank you User:Lian and User:Maduca.

Fifth stage: Mature setup and backup

WikID is being transported to the officially maintained server group of Delft University of Technology. This will take some time and in this period WikID is not fully functioning.

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